College Recruiting with BlueChip
Regardless of where you live,  
BlueChip can help you get recruited  
to play college baseball.

Getting recruited to play college baseball is THE HARDEST thing you will do as a youth baseball player or parent.

Do you feel like you can play college baseball but haven't gotten the exposure you need to make it happen?  Maybe you are:
  • Stuck behind a very good player and didn't play much
  • Injured
  • Play in a small town/state
  • Live in a cold weather state
  • Finally hit your growth spurt
  • Got cut from your HS but have the skills to play
  • Play for a Coach that doesn't support you
Whatever the reason (and there are lots of them), our focus is on getting players placed in college.

You have been working towards this (signing) day for many years.
If you are on this page, it means you haven't signed with a college yet.

It isn't too late.  There is still time, but we need to move quickly!

Recruiting Success  

Over 120 players placed into college baseball in the last 4 years!   Check out our success:  CLICK HERE

Now you can have us help you get placed as well!

Contact Coach Jay

Sign Up For A Zoom Meeting With Coach Jay

Zoom is a free service you can log into from your cell phone or computer.  It is an online group meeting space.

There are only 25 available spots for each of the meetings.  Please submit the form and let us know which meeting you want to attend.    You will be directed to make your payment after submitting the form.

There is NO COST to attend these meetings.

There is a 25 guest limit per meeting.

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Online Recruiting Meetings
Open to Any Player - Anywhere
Zoom meeting

No Cost To Attend

Get your recruiting process going with Coach Jay.

Coach Jay hosts 1.5 hour group meetings online.  These meetings are available to any player and their parents anywhere!

If you fall into any of these categories - this would be a good meeting for you:

  • Uninformed as to how to go about this process
  • Not Supported by your HS or Club team coach
  • Live in an area where you don't get seen
  • Just simply can't get the attention and support you need

Every Tuesday evening meetings are at 6pm PST.

There is a 25 guest limit to these meetings.

THERE IS NO COST TO ATTEND these meetings - just pick one.  


What we will discuss in our Zoom meetings:
  • What do college coaches look for in players
  • What questions do they ask a coach about players
  • How to figure out what schools are potential fits for you
  • How to save time and money staying in your target schools
  • How to follow up with any college coach
  • How to let them know you are interested in playing for them
  • Doing research on your target schools
  • The importance of Junior Colleges in this process
  • What questions to ask of a potential coach/program
  • How to look at the financials of any offer
  • What will a college coach want to see about a player
  • How important is Video for you
  • Do "showcase" tournaments actually help or hurt you
  • What types of college camps are worth your time and money
  • What is the best way to get their attention
  • Will not playing for your HS team kill your chances
  • Timing  - when is it too late
  • Post grad programs are popping up - are they right for you
These and many more topics will be covered in the 1.5 hour call!

There is NO COST to attend these meetings. 
There is a 25 guest limit to these meetings.  Please fill out the form to the left to reserve your space as these sell out frequently.