Looking for Coaches - 13u - 18u / All States
Interested in Coaching for BlueChip?
We are looking for Coaches at 13u - 18u

Baseball Resume is NOT
the most important qualification of a new coach

Kid on the team - no problem!
Have a day job? - Good!

We are looking for:
  • Coaches with big hearts
  • No screamers
  • Winning is important, but not the ONLY thing
  • You are in it for the kids - not for your resume
  • Wife and kids are important to you
  • Know how to coach baseball in a positive way
  • Can send out emails to keep everyone posted
  • Losing a game won't ruin your week
If this sounds like you - please fill out the form below!

Good coaches are the lifeblood of a successful baseball . Too many times, good coaches stop coaching because they don't have enough support to be successful.  

What I hear from most coaches is:
  • They just want to coach AND get paid to do it
  • No time to do all of the "back-end" work
  • Recruiting new players is really hard
  • They have a kid on the team which drives people away
  • They don't have enough pitchers to be competitive
  • Once they get past 12u they lose most of the players
If you are like most coaches out there, and are open to something different and more supportive, contact us right away!

BlueChip provides the support and direction so that our coaches and teams can be successful in reaching their goals.

BlueChip Provides:
  • Plenty of talented players to tryout
  • Back end support
  • Solid Baseball Community (nationwide)
  • Website
  • Accounting (billing and collecting of fees)
  • Jerseys/Caps/Balls/Insurance
  • Payment for Coaches
  • Lessons for coaches that want to make more $$
  • Positive / Low Pressure environment
  We also handle College Recruiting for ALL our players!

If you are interested in coaching a BlueChip team in your area,
contact us today!

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Is Your Team Disbanding?

Teams disband for all different kinds of reasons.  If your team is slipping away for whatever reason, we want to talk with you about keeping your team together and turning it into a BlueChip Team.

We just want our coaches to COACH.  We handle everything else.

We can find new players or combine your players with one of our existing teams.

13u - 18u

Telluride - 18u -     Champions    - Kickoff Champs - 18u

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